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Volume 31 (2021)

31 (1)

Do Learners Recognize and Relate to the Emotions Displayed By Virtual Instructors?

Alyssa P. Lawson, Richard E. Mayer, Nicoletta Adamo-Villani, Bedrich Benes, Xingyu Lei, Justin Cheng

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Generation and Use of Hints and Feedback in a Hilbert-Style Axiomatic Proof Tutor

Josje Lodder, Bastiaan Heeren, Johan Jeuring, Wendy Neijenhuis

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The Sensitivity of a Scenario-Based Assessment of Written Argumentation to School Differences in Curriculum and Instruction

Paul Deane, Joshua Wilson, Mo Zhang, Chen Li, Peter van Rijn, Hongwen Guo, Amanda Roth...

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Predictive Student Modeling in Game-Based Learning Environments with Word Embedding Representations of Reflection

Michael Geden, Andrew Emerson, Dan Carpenter, Jonathan P Rowe, Roger Azevedo, James Lester

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31 (2)

Towards Designing Profitable Courses: Predicting Student Purchasing Behaviour in MOOCs

Mohammad Alshehri, Ahmed Alamri, Alexandra I. Cristea, Craig D. Stewart

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