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Volume 28 (2018)

28 (2)

Designing Adaptive Instruction for Teams: a Meta-Analysis

Robert A. Sottilare, C. Shawn Burke, Eduardo Salas, Anne M. Sinatra, Joan H. Johnston, Stephen Gilbert

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Detecting and Addressing Frustration in a Serious Game for Military Training

Jeanine A. DeFalco, Jonathan P Rowe, Luc Paquette, Vasiliki Georgoulas-Sherry, Keith Brawner, Bradford W. Mott, Ryan S.J.D Baker...

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Creating a Team Tutor Using GIFT

Stephen Gilbert, Anna Slavina, Michael C. Dorneich, Anne M. Sinatra, Desmond Bonner, Joan H. Johnston, Joseph Holub...

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28 (3)

Ensemble Learning for Estimating Individualized Treatment Effects in Student Success Studies

Joshua Beemer, Kelly Spoon, Lingjun He, Juanjuan Fan, Richard A. Levine

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Metacognitive Overload!: Positive and Negative Effects of Metacognitive Prompts in an Intelligent Tutoring System

Kathryn S. McCarthy, Aaron D. Likens, Amy M. Johnson, Tricia Guerrero, Danielle McNamara

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Authoring Tools for Designing Intelligent Tutoring Systems: a Systematic Review of the Literature

Diego Dermeval, Ranilson Paiva, Julita Vassileva, Ig Ibert Bittencourt, Daniel Borges

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A Multimodal Analysis of Making

Marcelo Worsley, Paulo Blikstein

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28 (4)

Automated Test Assembly for Handling Learner Cold-Start in Large-Scale Assessments

Jill-Jênn Vie, Fabrice Papineau, Éric Bruillard, Yolaine Bourda

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The Civic Mission of MOOCs: Engagement across Political Differences in Online Forums

Michael Yeomans, Brandon M. Stewart, Kimia Mavon, Alex Kindel, Dustin Tingley, Justin Reich

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Design Guidelines and Empirical Case Study for Scaling Authentic Inquiry-based Science Learning via Open Online Courses and Interactive Biology Cloud Labs

Zahid Hossain, Engin Bumbacher, Alison Brauneis, Monica Diaz, Andy Saltarelli, Paulo Blikstein, Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse...

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How Do English Language Learners Interact with Different Content Types in MOOC Videos?

Judith Uchidiuno, Kenneth Koedinger, Jessica Hammer, Evelyn Yarzebinski, Amy Ogan

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Learning at Scale

Ido Roll, Daniel M. Russell, Dragan Gašević

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