Towards automatic assessment of musical knowledge

Automatic assessment of actual musical knowledge is not an easy task. There are different aspects including just cognitive knowledge, like recognizing the notes on a pentagram, and others that also require knowledge acquired with our senses, for instance recognizing the sequence and tempo of a set of notes played. We have developed the SIETTE authoring tool, representing a set of template assessment items based on a mashup of modified existing music technologies: (1) The Lilypond score language; (2) A javascript sound synthesizer; and (3) A javascript piano interface. Combining these technologies it is possible, for instance, to construct a question that produces the sound corresponding to a sequence of notes, and asks the user to recognize the notes and click on the corresponding piano keys as a response.

Points of Contact: Ricardo Conejo, University of Malaga, (; Beatriz Barros, University of Malaga (