ElectronixTutor Integrates Multiple Learning Resources to Teach Electronics on the Web

ElectronixTutor is a new Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) which teaching Electronics using multiple established learning resources. The learning resources integrated into ElectronixTutor include AutoTutor (verbal reasoning), Dragoon (mental model construction and simulation), LearnForm (a general learning platform for problem-solving), ASSISTments (skill-building), BEETLE-II (macro-level discourse for basic electronics), and Point & Query (clickable hotspots on diagrams). Additionally, there are text summaries available for each topic and over 5000 pages of the Navy Electronics and Electricity Training Series (NEETS).

Points of Contact: Brent Morgan, Andrew Hampton, Zhiqiang Cai, Andrew Tackett, Lijia Wang, Xiangen Hu, and Art Graesser University of Memphis (xhu@memphis.edu)