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PayPal Maintenance Complete (Aug 2021)

As an update to PayPal maintenance, we have worked with PayPal and resolved the blocking bug with the account that was preventing proper integration with the site. PayPal was not able to fix the primary bug (which was that a developer-role account cannot send a confirmation email properly). However, we were able to find a workaround to accomplish our goals. This means that:

  • Membership Subscriptions Open: We can now accept payments again for membership subscriptions and renewals.
  • Organizational PayPal Account: IAIED is now officially transitioned to a new organizational account, which may enable use for a greater set of payment needs (not just the IAIED website)

Thank you all for your patience on this.

Original Message (from July 21, 2021)

As an important update, IAIED is migrating to an organizational PayPal account. Due to issues with PayPal's customer service availability caused by COVID-19, there is a problem which affects payment processing.

We have been working with PayPal for the last month on trying to address the issue but have been unable to resolve a technical problem on their end. As a result, PayPal processing server may be down temporarily and we will notify when the change-over has been completed in working with PayPal.

We apologies for this delay in being able to resolve membership renewals and subscriptions.