New Website Launch

The new IAIED Society Website is officially live! You are currently browsing the new site design, replacing one that was likely a fairly state-of-the-art website at the time it was created over 15 years ago. The old site will remain temporarily available at for a brief period, but will be shut down within the next few months.

As with before, you should be able to get information about the latest conferences, IJAIED journal issues, review details of the society such as the Program Committee and Constitution, and log in with an active account to read full-text of journal issues. However, the site design has also added a number of new features which should be useful in the future:

  • Full integration of PayPal: You should be able to seamlessly renew your account and see the time added immediately, with no manual approval steps
  • AIED Showcase: We are starting a resource where the community members who have published about a system in AIED or IJAIED may submit an interactive iframe or video link so that members can see what your system looks like in action
  • Twitter Feed: We have integrated the twitter feed into the site
  • Mailing List Registration: At the bottom of the home page, you can add your email to the Mailchimp email list (and can unsubscribe by opting out or modifying your email through any email received)

More generally, the new site design should make it easier for you to find the information that you want. This news section will also contain useful updates that previously used to be presented in the general home page (and which had no ability to review prior items).