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IAIED Positions: Technology and Communication Officers

The IAIED Society is soliciting contributors to the Society's technology and outreach as well as Society’s science communication. The positions are suitable for early career researchers (PhD students or postdoctoral researchers) with passion to assist with the visibility and growth of the Society.

The successful candidates will receive:

  • Full AIED conference registration and full travel/accommodation stipend to attend the conference while serving on the posts
  • Free Society membership while serving on the posts plus two additional years membership for each year helping.

IAIED Society technology and outreach officer

In this role, you will shadow and support the IAIED Membership and Web efforts. These activities will include maintaining and expanding the capabilities of the IAIED website (e.g., features like research bibliometrics and browsing archived old conferences). They will also include efforts to expand visibility of the IAIED Society using technology, such as leveraging AI resources for outreach. Useful experiences include a research background in AI for Education and experience with fullstack development (particularly Vue.js and SQL). However, the most important traits will be initiative and communication, to work collaboratively to both execute and imagine upgrades to how IAIED's web presence can reach and support researchers and practitioners.

IAIED Society science communication officer

In this role, you will assist the Society’s publicity chairs to popularise the Society’s news, maintain Society’s social media presence, and improve the Society’s media channels. Useful experience include experience in using in social media channels (twitter, youtube) and online media platforms. Crucial for the role is creativity, initiative and enthusiasm. Good marketing skills and networking are beneficial.

To apply please send an email to including a CV and a short statement (around 300 words) indicating which position you apply for, why and what skills you bring.

Deadline: Please apply as soon as possible and by Monday 1 Nov 2021 to receive full consideration.