Twitter Integration / Widget Issues

As a notice, unfortunately the embedded Twitter feed for the site has been experiencing breaking issues intermittently from Spring through Summer of 2023. This is due to unannounced and buggy/breaking changes on the Twitter side which have been occurring and unfortunately we do not have any reliable resolution to avoid the Twitter feed breaking unexpectedly (other than moving to an entirely different social network feed).

These changes have included removing academic accounts for API usage without warning (which required changing to Twitter's more limited embedding widget) and the current issue that Twitter then broke that widget as well (for more details, see this discussion). In short, even Twitter's examples have the same issue. We will be monitoring the situation to decide if we will need to temporarily (or permanently) remove the widget, based on consideration of the likely prospects of a stable tweet feed. In the meantime, we apologize for the degraded performance and you should still be able to reach the tweets by clicking on Twitter's (broken) widget which as of today reads "Nothing to See Here - Yet".