Open Student Modeling Research and its Connections to Educational Assessment

Publication Information


  • Juan-Diego Zapata-Rivera, Educational Testing Service


  • 380-396


  • Open student models, Score reporting systems, Educational assessment, Indirectly visible Bayesian student models, Evidence-based interaction, Privacy and data security


  • Research in the area of Open Student Models (OSMs) has shown that external representations of the student model can be used to facilitate educational processes such as student reflection, knowledge awareness, learning, collaboration, negotiation, and student model diagnosis. OSMs can be integrated into existing learning systems or become a framework for the creation of learning systems. This paper discusses how early work with Jim Greer in the area of open student modeling has inspired and continues to inspire a line of research on innovative assessments and the design and evaluation of score report systems that are used to share assessment/student modeling information with various educational stakeholders to support learning. Several projects are discussed as well as their connections to my work with Jim while working at the ARIES laboratory.