Artificial Intelligence in Education 2022

23rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education University of Durham, UK and Virtual

Conference Information

AI in Education: Bridging the gap between academia, business, and non-profit in preparing future-proof generations towards ubiquitous AI.

The conference sets the ambitious goal to stimulate discussion on how AI shapes and can shape education for all sectors, how to advance the science and engineering of intelligent interactive learning systems, and how to promote broad adoption. Engaging with the various stakeholders - researchers, educational practitioners, businesses, policy makers, as well as teachers and students - the conference will set a wider agenda on how novel research ideas can meet practical needs to build effective intelligent human-technology ecosystems that support learning.

AIED 2022 will be the 23rd edition of a longstanding series of international conferences, known for high quality and innovative research on intelligent systems and cognitive science approaches for educational computing applications. AIED 2022 solicits empirical and theoretical papers particularly (but not exclusively) in the following lines of research and application: Intelligent and Interactive Technologies in an Educational Context, Modeling and Representation of Learning; Models of Teaching and Learning; Learning Contexts and Informal Learning; Evaluation; Innovative Applications; Inequity and inequality in education; Design, use, and evaluation of human-AI hybrid systems for learning; and Online and distance learning.


  • University of Durham, UK and Virtual

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General Chairs:

  • Vania Dimitrova


  • 27 Jul - 31 Jul 2022