Artificial Intelligence in Education 2020

21st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education Ifrane, Morocco

Conference Information

The AIED 2020 conference theme will be “Augmented Intelligence to Empower Education”. As AI in Education systems get more mature and are implemented at scale in real-world contexts, the value of using AI systems in the service of human decision making, rather than automated personalisation, becomes more apparent than ever. While this paradigm of augmented intelligence is not new to the field, solid theoretical and/or empirical work in the area is limited. Further work is needed to understand the balance of human and artificial aspects in intelligence systems that involve human and AI partnerships. Developing and implementing AI-human hybrid systems requires new research and many questions remain to be answered. In this conference, we invite the community to think about intelligence augmentation opportunities that would empower key stakeholders of education and provide innovative and creative solutions supported with empirical evidence.


  • Ifrane, Morocco

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General Chairs:

  • Rose Luckin
  • Violetta Cavalli-Sforza


  • 6 Jul - 10 Jul 2020