Artificial Intelligence In Education 2015

Conference Information

The 17th International Conferenece on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2015) was held in Madrid in 2015 June 22-26 and was a ringing success. Thank you to everyone who participated. Awards were presented to the following submissions:

  • Best Paper: "Temporal Generalizability of Face-Based Affect Detection in Noisy Classroom Environments" by Nigel Bosch, Sidney D’Mello, Ryan Baker, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh, and Valerie Shute
  • Best Student Paper: "Impact of Adaptive Educational System Behaviour on Student Motivation" by Jan Papousek and Radek Pelanek

  • Best Interactive Event: "Talk, Tutor, Explore, Learn: Intelligent Tutoring and Exploration for Robust Learning" by Beate Grawemeyer, Sergio Gutierrez Santos, Wayne Holmes, Manolis Mavrikis, Nikol Rummel, Claudia Mazziotti and Ruth Janning

The organizers of this conference included Professor Antonija Mitrovic (General Chair), Professor Felisa Verdejo (Organizing Chair), and Professors Neil Heffernan and Cristina Conati (Program Chairs).


  • Madrid

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General Chairs:

  • Antonija Mitrovic
  • Felisa Verdejo


  • 22 Jun - 26 Jun 2015