Artificial Intelligence in Education 2009

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AIED 2009 will focus on the theme "Building Learning Systems that Care: From Knowledge Representation to Affective Modeling". This extends an AIED vision proposed some 20 years ago by John Self. The field has moved a long way since then. It is now widely accepted that effective learning environments are expected to care about both learners and tutors, and to have a good understanding of the variety of learning contexts. The key research question now is how to tackle the complex issues related to building learning systems that care, ranging from representing knowledge and context to modeling social, cognitive, metacognitive, and affective dimensions. This requires linking theory and technology from artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and computer science with theory and practice from education and social science.

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  • Brighton

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  • Arthur C. Graesser
  • Benedict du Boulay


  • 6 Jul - 10 Jul 2009