International AIED Society

AIED is an interdisciplinary community at the frontiers of the fields of computer science, education and psychology. It promotes rigorous research and development of interactive and adaptive learning environments for learners of all ages, across all domains. The society brings together a community of members in the field through the organization of Conferences, a Journal, and other activities of interest.

The International AIED Society is governed by an Executive Committee according to the IAIED Constitution, which seeks to support AI in Education developments throughout the international community. Membership statistics show that over 1000 members from 40 countries have joined since the Society's launch on January 1 1997.


The International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education (IJAIED) is the official journal of the International AIED Society. IJAIED publishes papers concerned with the application of artificial intelligence techniques and concepts to the design of systems that support learning. A subscription to IJAIED is included with membership in the International AIED Society.

Fall 2014 News: AIED 2015 Conference

The IAIED society is hosting the AIED 2015 conference in Madrid, Spain between June 22-26, 2015. It will be collocated with the Educational Data Mining Conference, which will occur immediately following AIED 2015. Please see the AIED 2015 Conference website for more information about the conference. Submission deadlines have been announced and abstracts are due on January 16, 2015 with full papers due by January 20, 2015.

March 2014 News

The International AIED Society is collecting feedback on desired features and changes to update this website ( over the current year and also the next few years. Please voice your opinions in the brief survey here.

November 2013 News

IJAIED has changed publishers from IOS to Springer. All the issues published by IOS, through Volume 22, are now online at the IOS IJAIED website.

Starting with Volume 23, papers will appear at SpringerLink. To gain access to them, first log in above with your IAIED user id and password; then click this link.

AIED: International Conferences on Artificial Intelligence in Education

The International AIED Society organizes a biennial AIED conference, which is the main forum for reporting the best international research in the field of AI in Education. The conferences provide the opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas on related research, development and applications. Society members receive reduced registration rates for AIED conferences. AIED 97 was held in Kobe, Japan; AIED 99 in Le Mans, France; AIED 01 in San Antonio, USA; AIED 03 in Sydney, Australia; AIED 05 in Amsterdam; AIED 07 in Los Angeles, USA; AIED 2009 in Brighton, UK; AIED 11 in Auckland, NZ; and AIED 2013 in Memphis, TN, USA.